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Batman Begins

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Driven by tragedy, billionaire Bruce Wayne dedicates his life to uncovering and defeating the corruption that plagues his home, Gotham City. Unable to work within the system, he instead creates a new identity, a symbol of fear for the criminal underworld - The Batman.

Title : Batman Begins

Year : 2005

Runtime : 140

Release Dates: 2005-06-15


Actors :

Christian BaleasBruce Wayne / Batman
Michael CaineasAlfred Pennyworth
Liam NeesonasHenri Ducard
Katie HolmesasRachel Dawes
Gary OldmanasJim Gordon
Cillian MurphyasDr. Jonathan Crane / The Scarecrow
Tom WilkinsonasCarmine Falcone
Morgan FreemanasLucius Fox
Rutger HauerasEarle
Ken WatanabeasRa's Al Ghul
Mark Boone JuniorasFlass
Linus RoacheasThomas Wayne
Larry HoldenasFinch
Gerard MurphyasJudge Faden
Colin McFarlaneasLoeb
Jack GleesonasLittle Boy
T.J. RaminiasCrane Thug #1
Catherine PorterasBlonde Female Reporter / Assassin
Gus LewisasBruce Wayne als Kind
Rade ŠerbedžijaasHomeless Man
Sara StewartasMartha Wayne
Richard BrakeasJoe Chill
Emma LockhartasRachel Dawes - age 8
Christine AdamsasJessica
John NolanasFredericks
Karen DavidasCourthouse Reporter #1
Tamer HassanasFaden's Limo Driver
Ronan LeahyasUniformed Policeman #1
Vincent WongasOld Asian Prisoner
Tom WuasBhutanese Prison Guard #1
Turbo KongasEnormous Prisoner
Sai-Kit YungasChinese Police Officer
Chike ChanasChinese Police Officer
David MurrayasJumpy Thug
Darragh KellyasDock Cop
Charles EdwardsasWayne Enterprises Executive
Lucy RussellasFemale Restaurant Guest
David BedellaasMaitre D
Martin McDougallasGotham Dock Employee
Roger GriffithsasArkham Uniformed Policeman
Stephen WaltersasArkham Lunatic
Richard LaingasArkham Chase Cop
Matt MillerasGotham Car Cop
Risteard CooperasCaptain Simonson
Shane RimmerasOlder Gotham Water Board Technician
Jeremy TheobaldasYounger Gotham Water Board Technician
Alexandra BastedoasGotham Society Dame
John JuddasNarrows Bridge Cop
Sarah WateridgeasMrs. Dawes
Charlie KranzasBasement Club Manager
Terry McMahonasBad Swat Cop #1
Cedric YoungasLiquor Store Owner
Tim BoothasVictor Zsas
Tom NolanasValet
Roger YuanasHazmat Technician
Mel TaylorasNarrows Resident
Ilyssa FradinasBarbara Gordon
Andrew PleavinasUniformed Policeman
Jeff ChristianasDriving Cop
John BurkeasArkham Lunatic Cell Mate
Alex MoggridgeasArkham Asylum Orderly
Rory CampbellasOpera Performer
Spencer WildingasLeague of Shadows Warriors
Mark SmithasLeague of Shadows Warriors
Dave LegenoasLeague of Shadows Warriors
Khan BonfilsasLeague of Shadows Warriors
Dominic BurgessasNarrows Cop
Nadia Cameron-BlakeyasAdditional Restaurant Guest #1
Jeff TannerasBridge Cop
Dean AlexandrouasLeague of Shadows Warriors (uncredited)
Joey AnsahasLeague of Shadows Warriors (uncredited)
Jon FooasLeague of Shadows Warriors (uncredited)
Emil MartirossianasLeague of Shadows Warriors (uncredited)
Mark StrangeasLeague of Shadows Warriors (uncredited)
Lasco AtkinsasPassenger
Rick AveryasGhotam Car Cop
Lasco AtkinsasPassenger (uncredited)
Rick AveryasGhotam Car Cop (uncredited)
James EmbreeasFighting Shadow Warrior (uncredited)
Gil KolirinasNarrows Person (uncredited)
Jane OsbornasOpera Hag (uncredited)
Dan PooleasNarrows Rioter (uncredited)

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