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Based on Frank Miller's graphic novel, "300" is very loosely based the 480 B.C. Battle of Thermopylae, where the King of Sparta led his army against the advancing Persians; the battle is said to have inspired all of Greece to band together against the Persians, and helped usher in the world's first democracy.

Title : 300

Year : 2007

Runtime : 117

Release Dates: 2007-03-09


Actors :

Gerard ButlerasKing Leonidas
Lena HeadeyasQueen Gorgo
Dominic WestasTheron
David WenhamasDilios
Vincent ReganasCaptain
Michael FassbenderasStelios
Tom WisdomasAstinos
Andrew TiernanasEphialtes
Andrew PleavinasDaxos
Rodrigo SantoroasXerxes
Giovani CimminoasPleistarchos
Tyler NeitzelasLeonidas at 15 yrs
Greg KramerasEphor #1
Stephen McHattieasLoyalist
Alex IvanoviciasEphor #2
Kelly CraigasOracle Girl
Eli SnyderasLeonidas at 7 / 8 yrs
Tim ConnollyasLeonidas' Father
Marie-Julie RivestasLeonidas' Mother
Sebastian St. GermainasFighting Boy (12 yrs old)
Peter MensahasMessenger
Arthur HoldenasPartisan
Michael SinelnikoffasElder councilman
John Dunn-HillasCouncilman
Dennis St JohnasSpartan Baby Inspector
Neil NapierasSpartan with Stick
Dylan SmithasSentry #1
Maurizio TerrazzanoasSentry #2
Robert ParadisasSpartan General
Kwasi SonguiasPersian
Alexandra BeatonasBurned Village Child
Frédéric SmithasStatesman
Loucas MinchilloasSpartan Baby A
Nicholas MinchilloasSpartan Baby B
Tom RackasEphor #3
Tom RackasEphor #4
David FrancisasEphor #5
James BradfordasFree Greek-Potter
Andrew ShaverasFree Greek-Sculptor
Kent McQuaidasFree Greek-Blacksmith
Marcel JeanninasFree Greek-Baker
Jere GillisasSpartan General #2
Jeremy ThibodeauasSpartan Boy
Tyrone BenskinasPersian Emissary
Robert MailletasUber Immortal (Giant)
Patrick SabonguiasPersian General
Leon LaderachasExecutioner
Dave LapommerayasPersian General Slaughtered
Vervi MauricioasArmless Concubine
Charles PapasoffasBlacksmith
Isabelle ChampeauasMother at Market
Veronique-Natale SzalankiewiczasDaughter at Market (3 / 5 years old)
Maéva NadonasGirl at Market
David ThibodeauasBoy #1 at Market
David SchaapasPotter
Jean Michel ParéasOther Council Guard
Stewart MyiowasPersian General
Andreanne RossasConcubine #1
Sara GiacaloneasConcubine #2
Ariadne BourbonnièreasKissing Concubine #1
Isabelle FournelasKissing Concubine #2
Sandrine Merette-AttiowasContortionist
Elisabeth EtienneasDancer
Danielle HubbardasDancer
Ruan VibegaardasDancer
Genevieve GuilbaultasSlave Girl
Bonnie MakasSlave Girl
Amélie SorelasSlave Girl
Caroline AspirotasSlave Girl
Gina GagnonasSlave Girl
Tania TrudellasSlave Girl
Stéphanie AubryasSlave Girl
Mercedes LeggettasSlave Girl
Stephania GambaroffasSlave Girl
Chanelle LamotheasSlave Girl
Sabrina-Jasmine GuilbaultasSlave Girl
Manny Cortez TuazonasTranssexual (Asian) #1
Atif Y. SiddiqiasTranssexual (Arabian) #3
Camille RizkallahasGiant with Arrow
Trudi HanleyasLong Neck Woman
Neon CobranasLitter Bearer / Slave
Gary A. HeckerasUbermortal Vocals (voice)
Devin DelormeasMarket boy #2
Deke RichardsasSpartan Soldier (uncredited)
Darren ShahlaviasPersian (uncredited)
Marc TrottierasSpartan Warrior (uncredited)
Duy Vo VanasPersian (uncredited)
Agnieshka WnorowskaasMarket woman (uncredited)

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