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The film tells a story of a divorced couple trying to raise their young son. The story follows the boy for twelve years, from first grade at age 6 through 12th grade at age 17-18, and examines his relationship with his parents as he grows.

Title : Boyhood

Year : 2014

Runtime : 164

Release Dates: 2014-07-11


Actors :

Ellar ColtraneasMason Jr.
Patricia ArquetteasOlivia
Ethan HawkeasMason Sr.
Lorelei LinklaterasSamantha
Tamara JolaineasTammy
Zoe GrahamasSheena
Sam DillonasNick
Nick KrauseasCharlie
Shane GrahamasStanley
Taylor WeaverasBarb
Elijah SmithasTommy
Steven Chester PrinceasTed
Bonnie CrossasTeacher
Sydney OrtaasElementary School Girl
Libby VillariasGrandma
Marco PerellaasProfessor Bill Welbrock
Jamie HowardasMindy
Andrew VillarrealasRandy
Tess AllenasNeighborhood Friend #2
Ryan PowerasPaul
Sharee FowlerasBook Trivia Judge
Mark FinnasBook Release Emcee
Charlie SextonasJimmy
Byron JenkinsasBarber
Holly MooreasMason's 4th Grade Teacher
David BlackwellasLiquor Store Clerk
Barbara ChisholmasCarol
Matthew Martinez-ArndtasLee
Cassidy JohnsonasAbby
Cambell WestmorelandasKenny
Jennifer GriffinasMrs. Darby
Garry PetersasNo Obama Man
Merrilee McCommasasObama Mama
Jordan HowardasTony
Andrew BuntenasBully 1
Tyler StrotherasBully 2
Evie ThompsonasJill
Brad HawkinsasJim
Savannah WelchasCollege Girl Singer
Mika OdomasGabi
Sinjin VenegasasChase
Derek Chase HickeyasCharlie's Friend
Angela RawnaasProfessor Douglas
Megan DevineasMake Out Girl
Jenni TooleyasAnnie
Landon CollierasCooper
Roland RuizasEnrique
Richard JonesasGrandpa Cliff
Karen JonesasNana
Gordon FridayasPastor
Tom McTigueasMr. Turlington
Martel SummersasBeer Pong Guy
David ClarkasHigh School Band Singer
Jessie TiltonasApril
Richard RobichauxasMason's Boss
Will HarrisasSam's College Boyfriend
Indica ShawasHooper
Bruce SalmonasGuitar Player
Wayne SuttonasBeat Box
Joe SundellasBand Member 1
Sean TraceyasBand Member 2
Ben HodgesasBand Member 3
Daniel ZehasBand Member 4
Chris DoubekasGuy in Diner
Andrea ChenasSam's Roommate
Mona Lee FultzasHigh School Teacher
Bill WiseasUncle Steve
Alina LinklaterasTwin Cousin 1
Charlotte LinklaterasTwin Cousin 2
Genevieve KinneyasWoman at Party
Elijah FordasJimmy's Bandmate 1
Kyle CrushamasJimmy's Bandmate 2
Conrad ChoucrounasJimmy's Bandmate 3
Maximillian McNamaraasDalton
Jessi MechlerasNicole

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