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A woman, accidentally caught in a dark deal, turns the tables on her captors and transforms into a merciless warrior evolved beyond human logic.

Title : Lucy

Year : 2014

Runtime : 89

Release Dates: 2014-07-25


Actors :

Scarlett JohanssonasLucy
Morgan FreemanasProfessor Norman
Choi Min-sikasMr. Jang
Amr WakedasPierre Del Rio
Julian Rhind-TuttasThe Limey
Pilou AsbækasRichard
Analeigh TiptonasCaroline
Nicolas PhongphethasJii
Jan Oliver SchroederasGerman Mule
Luca AngelettiasItalian Mule
Loïc BrabantasProfesseur
Pierre GrammontasProfesseur
Pierre PoirotasProfesseur
Bertrand QuoniamasProfesseur
Pascal LoisonasDrug Addict
Isabelle CagnatasAirport Nurse
Pierre GérardasAirport Doctor
Frédéric ChauasCabin Manager
Claire TranasFlight Attendant
François LegrandasBusiness Man Plane
Bob MartetasCustoms Officer
Cédric ChevalmeasCop Daniel
Alexis RangheardasCop Robert
Tonio DescanvelleasCop Sergeant
Christophe LavalleasCop
Julien PersonnazasCop
Matthew BravaisasStudent
Renaud CestreasStudent
Thibault SegouinasStudent
Claire ZanioloasStudent
Alessandro GiallocostaasMarco Brezzi
Wolfgang PissorsasBerlin Custom Officer
Sifan ShaoasChinese Doctor
Paul ChanasTaipei Surgeon
I. Cheng-ShengasJang's Men
Chou Chung-WeiasJang's Men
Huan Jhih-CyuanasJang's Men
Frank MaasJang's Men
Tseng Sheng-EnasJang's Men
Liu Hsieh-MinasMahjong Room Man
Sandra AbouavasPrehistoric Lucy
Abel AboualitenasPrehistoric Man
Ken LinasRegent Hotel Concierge #1
Feng HsingasLucy's Driver
Hao-Hsiang HsuasWarehouse Man Driver
Laura D'AristaasLucy's Mother (voice)
Eunyul HongasPhone Voice Royal Suite (voice)
Samuel ChurinasThe Receptionist
Mason LeeasRegent Hotel Concierge #2
Mohammad Aslam AnsariasFakir
Kevin DustasNative American
Diego LlanoasNative American
Timothy ReevisasNative American
German Tintaya MamaniasNative American
Kanneti Sawe HanasRubik's Cube Boy

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