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The Matrix

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Thomas A. Anderson is a man living two lives. By day he is an average computer programmer and by night a malevolent hacker known as Neo, who finds himself targeted by the police when he is contacted by Morpheus, a legendary computer hacker, who reveals the shocking truth about our reality.

Title : The Matrix

Year : 1999

Runtime : 136

Release Dates: 1999-03-30


Actors :

Keanu ReevesasNeo
Laurence FishburneasMorpheus
Carrie-Anne MossasTrinity
Hugo WeavingasAgent Smith
Gloria FosterasOracle
Joe PantolianoasCypher
Marcus ChongasTank
Julian ArahangaasApoc
Matt DoranasMouse
Belinda McCloryasSwitch
Anthony Ray ParkerasDozer
Paul GoddardasAgent Brown
Robert TaylorasAgent Jones
David AstonasRhineheart
Marc AdenasChoi
Ada NicodemouasWhite Rabbit Girl
Deni GordonasPriestess
Rowan WittasSpoon Boy
Bill YoungasLieutenant
Eleanor WittasPotential
Tamara BrownasPotential
Janaya PenderasPotential
Adryn WhiteasPotential
Natalie TjenasPotential
David O'ConnorasFedEx Man
Jeremy BallasBusinessman
Fiona JohnsonasWoman in Red
Harry LawrenceasOld Man
Steve DoddasBlind Man
Luke QuintonasSecurity Guard
Lawrence WoodwardasGuard
Michael ButcherasCop Who Captures Neo
Bernard LedgerasBig Cop
Robert SimperasCop
Chris PattinsonasCop
Nigel HarbachasParking Cop
Rana MorrisonasShaylae - Woman in Office (uncredited)

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Watch The Matrix Streaming Movie Downloader. I went to the cinema with quite low expectations due to the trailer. However after watching this film I was amazed by the outcome. There was so much thrilling tense action, at one point I was on the edge of my seat.


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