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When Bella Swan moves to a small town in the Pacific Northwest to live with her father, she starts school and meets the reclusive Edward Cullen, a mysterious classmate who reveals himself to be a 108-year-old vampire. Despite Edward's repeated cautions, Bella can't help but fall in love with him, a fatal move that endangers her own life when a coven of bloodsuckers try to challenge the Cullen clan.

Title : Twilight

Year : 2008

Runtime : 122

Release Dates: 2008-11-20


Actors :

Kristen StewartasIsabella 'Bella' Swan
Robert PattinsonasEdward Cullen
Billy BurkeasCharlie Swan
Taylor LautnerasJacob Black
Peter FacinelliasCarlisle Cullen
Ashley GreeneasAlice Cullen
Jackson RathboneasJasper
Elizabeth ReaserasEsme Cullen
Kellan LutzasEmmett Cullen
Nikki ReedasRosalie Hale
Anna KendrickasJessica
Sarah ClarkeasRenée
Gil BirminghamasBilly Black
Rachelle LefevreasVictoria
Cam GigandetasJames
Edi GathegiasLaurent
Michael WelchasMike Newton
Christian SerratosasAngela Weber
Justin ChonasEric

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